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Eagle of the Month - February

Congratulations to  Maria Espinoza as she was selected as the female Eagle of the Month for February.  Listing math - AP Calculus - as her favorite subject Maria also enjoys singing, playing the piano, and watching Netflix as her hobbies.  
Maria wrote, "Through my involvement in multiple organizations here at NCHS such as Choir, Band, Bluebonnets, SPARK, NHS, Woman's Leadership, and SLACers, I've learned that one of my primary goals in life is to help people overcome difficulties they experience through a form of interaction. I've always enjoyed serving others who struggle with difficulties in their lives, and, some day, I hope to turn my passion for helping people into a life-long job."
"As my high school career comes to an end, I've realized that I would love to help people who suffer from any form of mental disorders and help find remedies to reduce the struggle for those who are affected. In order to achieve such goals, I plan on attending the University of Houston next fall and obtaining a double major in Psychology and Nursing."
Congratulations to Maria!