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5th Grade Fine Arts Festival

5th Grade Holiday Fine Arts Expo

White Oak Middle School and Woodridge Forest Middle School were excited to welcome 5th grades from Kings Manor, Porter, Crippen, Sorters Mill, and Bens Branch to introduce the district's fine arts programs to students.  The combined band, choir, and orchestra from White Oak and Woodridge presented a variety of holiday music and spoke about the benefits of joining the programs.  Art students also shared their experiences in their art classes and explained the types of mediums and projects that they work on throughout the semester.  Theater art students spoke about the different aspects that are involved with theater performances and productions. Counselors from White Oak and Woodridge will be meeting with 5th graders on their current campuses in January for course selections.  A parent meeting will also be held at White Oak and Woodridge on January 17th at 6:30 pm to present information to parents.