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School Times

Oakley Elementary Bell Schedule



Elementary School Day: 7:30am – 2:45pm


Elementary Schedule Details

6:45am                        Students my enter the building. All students are provided a FREE breakfast. 
7:00am- 7:30am          Blast Off in the Caferteria on Monday and Fridays ONLY 
7:00am                        Students are dismissed from the cafeteria Tuesday-Thursday
7:05am                        Parents may drop off students in the bus loop after the buses have dropped off students.
7:20am                        No visitors will be allowed into the building after this time. Students are preparing for their day of learning.
7:35am                        Tardy bell rings. Any student that arrives after the bell rings, must be walked into the buidling and signed in.
2:15pm                        No early pick ups at this time.  
2:45pm                        School day ends
3:00pm                        Any students that have not been picked up will be brought to the office to call parents.  Parents must show their car rider sign and/or valid ID to pick up their child.  Our staff work long hours and need to leave at their designated time. It is important to pick your child up on time. 

Pre K

7:30am- 10:30am: morning bus pick up at 10:30am

11:30- 2:45pm: bus drop off at 11:15am

         11:15  PreK students may enter the building for lunch.  If you are NOT walking in with your child, you may drop them off in the bus loop, beside the cafeteria.  If you ARE walking in with your child, you must enter through the front door and get a visitor sticker 

Early Release Schedule 

K- 5                11:30am

Pre K              7:30am- 9:00am (morning class)

                       10:00am- 11:30am (afternoon class)