• What You Can Do

    Welcome parents to Porter High School. Due to the factor of parental involvement being one of the most accurate indicators of student success, we would like to welcome you to be involved with the school. The first thought many have about parent involvement is volunteering. While we welcome volunteers in many areas, we know that our lives are fast paced and work often keeps us from doing as much as we desire. We also want to point out that there is more you can do than just volunteer work.
    Parental involvement defined by Joyce Epstein of Johns Hopkins University include; 1) Parenting, 2) Communicating, 3) Volunteering, 4) Learning at home, 5) Decision making, and 6) Collaborating with the community. In each of these areas, you can make a big impact in your students’ educational process. Below are some suggestions that have worked for others in each of the areas mentioned:
    • Encourage your child to read everyday
    • Talking with your child about everything
    • Limit TV, video games , and facebook/my space
    • Model the proper behavior and ethics
    • Learn everything you can about the school
    • Talk to the teachers
    • Sign up for automated notices and grade-book monitoring
    • Acknowledgement of teachers hard work
    • Supportive of the school
    • Teamwork and collaboration with the school
    • Model behavior expectations
    • Encourage active participation
    • Model appropriate engagement
    • Parent organizations; PTO, Booster Clubs, Student Activities, etc..
    Learning at home
    • Monitor homework daily
    • Tutoring
    • Outside of the school day work is essential in the success of your student
    • Set study times
    • Monitor friends (you are a reflection of who you associate with)
    • Talk to your child on critical issues
    Decision making
    • Respond to invitations
    • Positive contributions,
    • Supportive of your student and the school
    • Become a part of the team working collaboratively to ensure your child’s success.
    • Plan for your child’s future
    • Actively involved in planning
    • Goal setting
    • Monitor timelines
    • Use our Personal Graduation Plan templates on our web site
    Parents, your child will embark on a journey that will shape their study habits and their future that is to come. John Dryden said, "We first make our habits, and then our habits make us." We cannot be too afraid to believe in our own talents and use what we have been given to accomplish our goals both personally and professionally. It is our right. Personal achievement is our choice and our responsibility.