The Spartan and Spartanette of the month are selected by their administrators, teachers, and staff members. This award is an honor to receive. It means that the student selected exemplifies all the traits and characteristics that are instilled in being a Spartan/Spartanette of Porter High School: Honor, pride, focus, work ethic, honesty, and integrity. The recognition for being selected is an honor that includes a month long pass to eat in the Spartan Cafe, an elite dining facility set aside for these prestigious students. The Spartan/Spartanette are allowed to invite 3 of their friends, which we have named "entourage,"  to dine with them. The Spartan/Spartanette of the Month will also receive an ID badge that reads "Spartan/Spartanette of the Month," which allows them to proceed to the front of the line during lunch. Once the Spartan/Spartanette receives their lunch, they proceed to the Spartan Cafe where their picture will be hung in a frame that adorns the entrance to this elite dining facility.  
January Spartanette of the Month House of Arts and Humanities: 
Kaitlinn Brandon is a first year AFJROTC cadet and she has already learned basic drill, rifle movements. She has already been promoted to Staff Sergeant which is unheard of for a freshmen. She is in line to become an officer next year and she has been selected as the Public Affairs officer for next year. She has participated in multiple recruiting events and has recruited 12 incoming freshmen next year for AFJROTC. She has also kept up her grades and has been selected for the Kitty Hawk Air Society which vary rarely happens for a Freshmen. She is a very well rounded student.
January Spartan of the Month House of Arts and Humanities:
Carter Allen is a freshman that is involved in band. He has a high standard for himself and with his grades. It is very apparent that he juggles his activities and school well. Carter is a great student and leads by example!
January Spartanette of the Month House of Business and Criminal Justice:
Fatima Hernandez is a hidden gem that has recently surfaced and has been a dominate force on the Spartan Mock Trial team and within SkillsUSA. Fatima is part of two different Mock Trial teams both which are advancing to State in their individual organizations. She will be traveling to Austin, Texas for Youth and Government in Dallas, Texas for the Dallas Bar competition to represent Porter High School among hundreds of students that have competed in Mock Trial. She plays an intricate role on both teams and she plays a witness during each round flipping between prosecution and defense. She is taking on a personal challenge to run for a District Officer in SkillsUSA, something she has shared that she never thought she could do. She is pursuing Dual Credit and AP classes for the first time next year based on the confidence that she has earned this year. 
January Spartan of the Month House of Business and Criminal Justice:
Drew Large has gone out of his way to welcome new students and make them feel at home at PHS. Drew Large has the task of firing up PHS during pep rallies before Spartans go out and dominate the athletic realm.  Drew is also a key player on the PHS Varsity Baseball Team!
January Spartanette of the Month House of Engineering and Agriculture:
Hazel Borja Perez is an outstanding student in child development. She assisted a new student who is new to the country and speaks no English. Hazel, right away, without being asked and before the teacher had a chance to explain the assignments,  began instructing this new student in Spanish on how to use Canvas. She also explained all my class rules and procedures to him. She is in the Ready, Set, Teach! Program and practices these skills with her ELL students daily, so it came as no shock that she would implement them in her own class. She's an outstanding student! 
January Spartan of the Month for the House of Engineers and Agriculture: 

Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Jose Jacuinde is a junior in AFJROTC and only in his 3rd full semester has already bypassed many cadets who have been in the program longer. He is extremely dedicated and is willing to do whatever it takes to make the Corps successful. He has been promoted into one of the top three leadership positions in AFJROTC, Cadet Chief Master Sergeant. He is doing extremely well in the position and continues to keep his grades well over a 3.3 GPA. He has earned the Academic Excellence badge for AFJROTC by having at least a 3.3 GPA and never having less than a "C" on his high school transcripts. Jose is a very well rounded young man and is a stellar example of what a Spartan should strive to be.