The Spartan and Spartanette of the month are selected by their administrators, teachers, and staff members. This award is an honor to receive. It means that the student selected exemplifies all the traits and characteristics that are instilled in being a Spartan/Spartanette of Porter High School: Honor, pride, focus, work ethic, honesty, and integrity. The recognition for being selected is an honor that includes a month long pass to eat in the Spartan Cafe, an elite dining facility set aside for these prestigious students. The Spartan/Spartanette are allowed to invite 3 of their friends, which we have named "entourage,"  to dine with them. The Spartan/Spartanette of the Month will also receive an ID badge that reads "Spartan/Spartanette of the Month," which allows them to proceed to the front of the line during lunch. Once the Spartan/Spartanette receives their lunch, they proceed to the Spartan Cafe where their picture will be hung in a frame that adorns the entrance to this elite dining facility.  
December Spartanette of the Month House of Arts and Humanities: 
Calissa Vazquez is a very friendly student. In the Health Science class that she is in, we have a challenging student and Calissa is very good with the student. The student has asked to use Calissa's notebook and without hesitation Calissa allowed the student to use it. Calissa has volunteered to help the student and also took the student under her wing during lunch, and let the student sit with her and her friends so the student would not be alone. Calissa has shown what it truly means to be a Spartan of the Month! 
December Spartan of the Month House of Arts and Humanities:
Tanner Cole Hodgkinson is one of the nicest boys you will meet and represents the school well at HLSR with over $18,000 in scholarships!  Way to represent Tanner!!
December Spartanette of the Month House of Business and Criminal Justice:
Christina Bess is a leader at all times. She is President of the CJ SkillsUSA Chapter 4049 with 184 members. She is an NCO with Law Enforcement Explorers Post 911, serving as a corporal. Her all girl Explorer team won 1st place in the Active Shooter Competition. She earned her Texas Statesman Award at Summer Leadership with SkillsUSA, and was accepted and attended the medical ethics program at Harvard University. She is in the top 10 students in the Junior Class. She is involved in GSA, National Honor Society, and has been a JV athlete in Softball. She always leads from the front and is a role model for her younger siblings. Her at home responsibilities require maturity and time management skills!  Awesome job Christina!!
December Spartan of the Month House of Business and Criminal Justice:
William Vasquez has been an outstanding member of the Spartan Marching Band where they won multiple Division 1 ratings. He is a member of the Spartan Soccer team and a member of the Criminal Justice Club!  He is only a freshman! William was part of the 2nd place Felony Traffic Stop team during the Spartan Challenge competition held last month, securing his spot as one of the elite of the TPSA team members. He is a member of the Roman Forest Explorer Post 911 and will be competing in district doing Criminal Pursuit and Fingerprinting. He is also a member of SkillsUSA and will be competing in the Leadership Competition of Criminal Justice Quiz Bowl and is already being groomed to run for a district office!!
December Spartanette of the Month House of Engineering and Agriculture:
Hannah Spurlock is an exemplary Spartan, both in and out of school. She was a straight A student last year, and has continued that trend well into this year in AP and Pre-AP classes. She is a member of National Honor Society, is on the Spartan Softball Team, and is an FCCLA member. Hannah is also an active member in her church. She mentors pre-teens and volunteers her time to clean the church at least once a month! As if all of her "on paper" qualities weren't glowing enough, she is also a genuinely good person! If she tells you something, you can almost guarantee that it is the truth; anything other than the truth would have been an honest mistake! She truly enjoys playing with her younger siblings and is the best of role models for them. She holds her friends to a high standard and pushes them to succeed in all they do, as well. Porter High School won the student lottery when Hannah enrolled!!
December Spartan of the Month for the House of Engineers and Agriculture: 

Juan Flores Martinez is a 9th grader that played JV football as a kicker and did a great job! Juan is also in the soccer program and doing an outstanding job...probably will see some Varsity time this season!! Juan is also on Dr. H's Spartan Counsel!  Most importantly, Juan makes strait A's and has excellent attendance. It would be very difficult to find a more deserving young man for this honor!!