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Subj: Senior Class Shirts
We have chosen to opt out of selling Senior Class Shirts @ this time.  
Please understand the Class of 2017 at NCHS is not in charge of Project Graduation and the events that lead to Project Graduation Night. Once we know who the President is we will be happy to share with you who is in charge of the organization. Anything leading to events that occur with Seniors such as Homecoming, Prom, Senior Week, Senior Trip, and the Graduation Ceremony is New Caney High School's responsibility.
Please contact Project Graduation President Samantha Kato -  
Listen up......Scholarship Information for 2016- 2017 will be emailed out to you when available and posted at the New Caney High School website (counseling tab). I am excited about the many opportunities this year once again. Each year many of the same companies sponsor scholarship contests. I am attaching a current list of scholarships that are coming up this year. Please see the attached link for the applications. Most applications are now online. Be sure to note the deadline and request needed information before the deadline. Some scholarship applications need a recommendation, transcript or an not wait until the deadline to collect this information. Remember to give the counseling office 5-10 days to process transcript requests.
Different Types of Scholarships
There are numerous reasons why someone would be awarded a scholarship; therefore, there are several different types of scholarships for college. A merit based scholarship is probably the most common type. These are granted to individuals, usually for academic achievement, without financial need as a factor. Merit scholarships can also be given to students who have shown certain outstanding qualities through activities such as student government or volunteering.
Another scholarship that is awarded and is based on skill is the athletic scholarship. Students who have been great athletes in high school might have their college education paid for through an athletic scholarship. Both of these types of scholarships for college, merit and athletic, focus on performance and skill are major determining factors.
Ethnicity and religious based scholarships are similar in that they give recognition to factors that have very little to do with education or school activities, before looking at grades or financial need. That's not to say that these types of scholarships are not awarded to the intelligent or needy, only that the primary determinant is the race or religion of a student. Along these same lines, there are also lots of scholarships for women only.
Many colleges offer scholarships to students in certain majors. Major-specific scholarships are given to those who have shown academic excellence in a particular subject, with the restriction that that subject must become the student's major. These types of scholarships are similar to institutional-based scholarships, in that they are offered by the college.
J. McWilliams
NCHS Counselor
ext. 5309