In order to encourage independence and foster a sense of responsibility in our students, we want them to be exposed to a variety of clubs and activities at Porter Elementary.  We are proud to announce that we will have 16 clubs offered this year! Students can choose to participate in 2 clubs each semester.  If at anytime the club attendance goes over 30, we will have to limit enrollment to 1 club in order to maintain safety of all involved. There is no cost for club membership with the exception of Art Club.  There is a $20 supply fee for this club. Clubs will start at 7:00 a.m.  So that clubs will not be disturbed once they have started, students will not be allowed to enter after 7:15. Forms are available in the front lobby. A parent signature is required when returning the form. 

To learn more about the different clubs, check out our presentation: Porter Elementary Clubs