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(Technology Student Association)
Events: Robotics, Digital Photography,  Catapult Design, Children's Stories,  Forensic Science, and More!
 Sponsor:Mr. Davenport
It is a privilege to participate on this team. Every student must have passing grades and great behavior in class. When we go to competitions they are representing WOMS, NCISD and our community, therefore, every student MUST have excellent behavior at ALL times. 

The Team was officially formed in January of 2014 to compete at TSA in Austin;  We are plan to participate at at the 2017 TSA competition in the Spring this year. Regional Competition will be held March 9-10 at the Telge Exhibit Center in Cypress, TX.  State competition for those qualifying at Regional Competition will be at April 6-8 in Waco, TX.  Those fortunate enough to advance to National Competition will have the opportunity to compete in Orlando, FL June 21-25.

We will be competing Saturday at the All Earth EcoBot Challenge .  Wish us luck!!!