Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why does my child have to take the STAAR test?

A.  The Texas Education Agency (TEA) dictates which grade levels or subjects are to be tested.    Districts are required to comply with administering state tests: STAAR, EOC and TELPAS.


Q.  Can my child “opt out”  of state testing?

A.   TEA requires that we administer state assessments.    If a student is present on the day of STATE testing,  or on a day of Make-Up testing, the student will be presented with testing materials and expected to test.   NCISD follows this state mandate from the Texas Education Code Title 2 Subtitle E  Chapter 26 section 26.010 (a) and (b) which states :


a)  A parent is entitled to remove the parent's child temporarily from a class or other school activity that conflicts with the parent's religious or moral beliefs if the parent presents or delivers to the teacher of the parent's child a written statement authorizing the removal of the child from the class or other school activity.  A parent is not entitled to remove the parent's child from a class or other school activity to avoid a test or to prevent the child from taking a subject for an entire semester.(
b)  This section does not exempt a child from satisfying grade level or graduation requirements in a manner acceptable to the school district and the agency.



Q.   Why does my child have to take the STAAR test online?

A.    TEA revised the STAAR program, effective for the 2017 administrations, to include an online version that includes tools to support your child’s success.  If a student is eligible for certain online supports they must take the ONLINE version of STAAR/EOC.  The online version includes TEXT-TO-SPEECH, LANGUAGE & VOCABULARY SUPPORTS and CONTENT SUPPORTS.   These supports are not available, in full, for the paper version.     To experience the online testing format click here and follow the directions for your operating system:


Q.  Who do I talk to about my child’s accommodations?

A.  Depending on your child’s program eligibility, you would contact the CAMPUS representative for that program: Special Education Diagnostician, 504 Leader, Dyslexia Specialist, ELL Specialist, RtI Specialist.


Q.  Will the accommodations my child receives in the classroom be used on the STAAR test?

A.  Most, but not all, classroom accommodations can be used on the STAAR test.  Follow the links below to learn more about STAAR/EOC supports and the eligibility for these supports:

 Q.  What is SSI – the Student Success Initiative?

A.  The goal of the SSI is to ensure that all students receive the instruction and support they need to be academically successful in reading and mathematics. The Student Success Initiative (SSI) grade advancement requirements apply to enrolled grades 5 and 8 students who take the STAAR reading and mathematics tests at grades 5 and 8. It was enacted by the 76th Texas Legislature in 1999 and modified by the 81st Texas Legislature in 2009.As specified by these requirements, a student may advance to the next grade level only by passing these tests or by unanimous decision of his or her grade placement committee that the student is likely to perform at grade level after additional instruction.    For additional information click on this link: