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Dual Credi
Through a partnership with Lone Star College, New Caney ISD offers students the opportunity to earn college credit while in high school through a dual enrollment program.  Students will receive both college and high school credit.  Learners may select courses from an approved list of college courses. The district will provide funding for the college tuition and fees, but the student is responsible for purchasing the required textbooks.
It's an important distinction to understand that there aren't dual credit courses, there are dual credit students.  It's the same syllabus, textbook, rigor and grading component for the high school student as it is the traditional-age college student.  Dual-credit students have to meet the same qualifications as traditional-age college students to be in a class. Dual credit courses give students a chance to experience higher education while still within a strong support network at home. 
In the 2013-2014 school year, the NCISD dual credit enrollment reached 246.  Enrollment by campuses includes 65 dual credit students from New Caney High School, 121 from Porter High School and 60 from Infinity Early College.
All students who wish to enroll for dual credit must take the Accuplacer test to determine college readiness.  Students may be exempt from the test by making the following qualifying scores on the SAT, ACT or TAKS:
  • SAT--combined verbal/math score of 1070 with a minimum of 500 on both the verbal and math portions of the test
  • ACT--composite of 23 with a minimum of 19 on both the verbal and math portions of the test
  • TAKS--See counselor for wavers and exemptions 
 The following guidelines also apply:
1. The students shall be responsible for all college requirements.
2. Each dual enrollment student shall be present at school during the daily attendance accounting period.
3. The NCIS Board of Trustees shall determine approval of courses for which high school credit shall be granted.
4. Dual credit students are exempt from UIL regulations for grades.  
5. If the student attends classes at Lone Star, transportation is the responsibility  
6. For the dual credit course to count as an Advanced Measure on the Distinguished Graduation Plan, the student must
     make a B or better.
7. If there is a corresponding exam, dual credit students are encouraged to take the Advanced Placement exam.  
Dual Credit Courses
Biology I for Science Majors (Biol 1406)
Biology II for Science Majors (Biol 1407) 
Human Anatomy and Physiology I (Biol 2401)
Comp and Rhetoric I (Engl 1301)
Comp and Rhetoric II (Engl 1302) 
Federal Government (Govt 2305)
Macro-economics (Econ 2301) 
US History to 1877 (Hist 1301)
US History since 1877 (Hist 1302) 
College Algebra (Math 1314)
Trigonometry (Math 1316) 
Statistics ((Math 1342)
Precalculus (Math 2412)
Calculus I (Math 2413) 
Learning Framework:  1st Year Experience (Educ 1300)