2016-2017 Accelerated Testing
 (Credit By Exam Without Prior Instruction)

Fall Testing:  October 3-7 (grades K-12) Deadline to Register: September 9

Mid-Year TestingJan. 9-13 (grades 9-12)  Deadline to Register: December 9

End of Year TestingMay 15-19 (grades 1-12)  Deadline to Register:  April 14

Summer TestingJuly 16-19 (grades K-12)  Deadline to Register: May 26

  •    Students in grades K through 12 have the option of earning credit by exam.    Students must earn an 80 on each exam to earn credit.  The exams are offered four times a year and are free to NCISD students.  

       Elementary and middle school students are required to take four tests including math, science, social studies and ELAR. Students must score an 80 or above on each test.  

       High School students may take exams for semester courses.  Students who score an 80 or above will earn credit for that semester.

        Please complete the attached registration form and return it to your campus counselor.

Credit by Exam