• Benefits & Leave Overview

    The New Caney I.S.D. Benefits Department is responsible for the delivery and administration of district benefits to support the long-term health and financial security of our employees. The Benefits Department works diligently to ensure that employees have access to accurate and complete information to make informed decisions.

  • Benefits FAQ

    When is the benefits enrollment deadline?
    You have 31 days after your start date to enroll in New Caney ISD benefits. If you miss the enrollment deadline, you will not have coverage for the remainder of the policy year and your next opportunity to enroll will be during open enrollment in August.
    When do my benefits begin?
    Your benefits will be effective the 1st of the month following your active at work date, unless you elect to make it effective your active at work date, but your premiums will not be prorated. In which case you will pay for a whole month's premium for the portion of the month you are actually employed. 
    What happens if I have a life changing event?
    Changes in benefit elections can occur only if you experience a qualifying event. You must present proof of a qualifying event to your Benefits Office within 30 days of your qualifying event and meet with your Benefits Office to complete the benefit election change. Benefit changes must be consistent with the qualifying event.