• eSped Teacher Training Directions

    Go to https://www.tx.esped.com to access eSped.  The eSped.com homepage is displayed.


    Important - You cannot login until the system administrator has enrolled you.  He/she will give you a user name and password.

    1.  Go to www.tx.esped.com.

    2.  Click on Member Login

    3.  Type in your Username(email address) and Password

    4.  Click Log in or press the enter key

    Important:  The  eSped Administrator has assigned you a "temporary" password.  You will need to enter a new "secret"password immediately.  Do not share this secret password with anyone.

    Access to applications is assigned through User Enrollment and Security by the eSped Administrator.  You will only see applications you have access rights to see.

    Click the Logout button when you have completed your work in eSped.

    Click the My Profile button to update user information.

    Message Center

    Please remember to check the message center, which is displayed on your home page, for any new messages from the NCISD Department of Special Education.

    IEP Development

    Click on "ARD Forms" in the menu on the left side of the home screen.  

    The Student Screen will appear.

    To search for a student:

    *  Enter Last Name (or the first few letters of the last name) - Click Find Student(s)  OR

    *  Enter First Name (or the first few letters of the first name) - Click Find Student(s) OR

    *  Enter Local ID - Click Find Student(s)

    *  Select the School Name from the drop-down - Click Find Student(s)

    *  Click the View All button again to return all students to the screen

    Open a student's record by clicking on the student name.  The FERPA screen appears.  You must enter a reason for accessing the student's record. The Student Information Screen will appear.

    Important Information (top portion of screen):

    *  Name and ID# of student

    * Save - will save information entered on the current screen

    *  Close button - will close the application

    *  Previous/Next – moves you between screens and will automatically save between screen changes

    *  Students - allows you to choose another student from the drop-down menu

    *  Reports - allows you to print reports

    *  Preview - allows you to preview a report and also the current screen you are working in within the ARD

    * Print/Archive – allows you to print the current information

    *  Time - The time indicates the number of minutes left since the last time you saved data.

    Development of IEP/Transition:

    To enter Present Levels of Academic and Functional Performance - 

    *  Click on the note pad icon beside each subject area, type in PLAAFP statement and click Save (See NCISD Standards-Based IEP Development Process)

    * Once you have entered data in the text screen and saved it, the note pad will turn grey, indicating something has been entered.

    Measurable Annual Goals (Standards) Screen:

    Two choices:

    1. Select Add New Goal

    2. Enter Goal Number – follow NCISD guidelines

    3. Enter duration dates

    4. Click on Draft

    5. Click either Academic, functional, Related Services, or ESY if appropriate

    6. Select Language of Delivery

    7. Select Goal Focus. 

    8. Select Grade Level

    9. Click on Find TEKS.  Select the Topic.  Select the Subtopic.  Click Search. Click on Select next to the TEK.  The TEK selected will appear in the text box and in the area for Behavior/Objective on the Measurable Annual Goals(Standards)Screen. 

    10. Select a Time Frame.

    11. Select a Condition.

    12. Select a Criteria.

    13. Edit the goal in the text box. (See NCISD Standards-Based IEP Development Directions.)

    14. Select Implementer

    15. Select Methods of Evaluation

    16. Select the frequency of progress reports

    17. Click on Save


    1. If you have in mind the skill/behavior/TEK Student Expectation the student needs as a goal.

    2. Click on Timeframe. (Notice it appears in textbox.) 

    3. Click on Condition. 

    4. Click on Behavior. 

    5. Click on Criteria. 

    6. Edit the textbox for clarity. 

    7. Select Implementer

    8. Select Methods of Evaluation

    9. Select the frequency of progress reports

    10. Click on Save

    A teacher may directly type into the text box to create a Standards-Based IEP Annual Goal. However, it is necessary to read over the created goal to ensure it has the 4 components:  timeframe, condition, behavior and criteria.

    To add objectives to the goal: 

    1. Scroll down to the bottom of the Measurable Annual Goal (Standards) where it says Objectives/Benchmarks.  Click on Create New Objective. 

    2. Enter a Code. (Follow NCISD guidelines)

    3. Do NOT select Draft for an objective

    Two choices:

    18. Click on Find TEKS. 

    19. Select the Topic. 

    20. Select the Subtopic. 

    21. Select Grade Level

    22. Click Search. 

    23. Click on Select next to the TEK.  The TEK selected will appear in the text box and in the area for Behavior/Objective

    24. Select a Time Frame.

    25. Select a Condition.

    26. Select a Criteria.

    27. Edit the goal in the text box. (See NCISD Standards-Based IEP Development Directions.)

    28. Click Save


    11. If you have in mind the skill/behavior/TEK Student Expectation the student needs as a goal.

    12. Click on Timeframe. (Notice it appears in textbox.) 

    13. Click on Condition. 

    14. Click on Behavior. 

    15. Click on Criteria. 

    16. Edit the textbox for clarity. 

    17. Click Save

    Repeat for each objective.

    Student Goal Progress

    1. In the Applications page Click on Progress Reports

    2. Select your student

    3. Click on FERPA reason

    4. Select Student IEP Progress Goals

    5. Select the number for Progress Period and enter the last day of the grading period or if updating for Annual ARD enter date of ARD.

    6. Select the Edit for the goal to be updated.

    7. Select the Evaluator (find your name)

    8. Select Position (find your position)

    9. Select Frequency (this is the reporting period within the 9 weeks grading period)

    10. Select dates of the goal

    11. Under Progress Code select “See Comm”

    12. Select Yes or No for if sufficient progress

    13. Select a Further Action recommended (use codes at bottom of page for your selection)

    14. Click on paper icon and enter your progress for that goal

    15. Click Save

    16. Click Save on next screen

    17. Click Done

    Click on IEP Progress (Objectives)

    1. Make sure the correct date is clicked on the left.

    2. Find the goal with objectives that need to be updated and click on Show Objective Progress.

    3. Click in the progress box of the period that is the same as the period clicked for the goal (these numbers must match)

    4. Select “See Comm” for Progress Code.

    5. Yes or No for “Is progress sufficient at this time”.

    6. It is not necessary on objectives to enter further action needed.

    7. Enter Progress in Comments box

    8. Click on Update progress.

    9. Repeat for each objective

    *Progress reports must be completed in an Active file. They cannot be completed in a Draft file.